Create Value, Share Value
TeLi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 in the Philippines, set up branch offices in Hong Kong in 2014, and set up customer service team in Taiwan in 2017. Expect to provide customers with 24-hour uninterrupted professional THis is a focus on modern information technology, relying on computer networks, Internet information services in the e-commerce company. Through our efforts and accumulation, the industry has clearly demonstrated the trend of knowledge, "Only the world of sincerity, to win the world to the pseudo, only the world to Zhuo, to win the world to the clever." "Honesty" is a valuable resource and wealth for sustainable business development. Li Heng uphold sincere cooperation to achieve a win-win attitude, attention to the establishment of high-quality management chain and timely allocation of resources to form a circular system of effective operation. We are convinced that the honor of the past has become history, tireless pursuit in order to let us go farther and better!